Janet MacKinnon fought long, hard and valiantly to preserve theatres in Montreal and across Canada. Due to her indomitable work, theatres such as the Vogue in Vancouver, the Outremont in Montreal, the Granada in Sherbrooke and the Eglinton Grand in Toronto stand and function today. She passed away on 4 February 2011.

MacKinnon was a notable donor to the CCA Collection as the donor of the invaluable archive of the Historic Theatres’ Trust, which she created. The mandate of the Theatre Trust was to promote within the public a greater appreciation regarding the preservation of historic Canadian theatres, as well as to provide technical documentation and expertise to encourage improved methods of preserving, restoring, maintaining, operating and researching historic theatres. During the 17 active years of the organization over which MacKinnon presided, the Trust succeeded in having many historic theatres declared as historic sites at the municipal and federal levels. MacKinnon’s donation to the CCA comprised the administrative files of the Trust during its lifetime, from 1989 to 2006.

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