From L'œuvre de Henri Prost : architecture et urbanisme. (Paris : Académie d'architecture, 1960).

Whilst the recent protests in Istanbul grew quickly into a wider demonstration against the government of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the initial catalyst was the proposed demolition of Gezi Park. The protests drew a large amount of support not simply because of the removal of trees but also because the move to destroy Gezi effectively signaled a retreat from a historic urban settlement between the national government and the people of the city. Above is the first masterplan for the city by French planner Henri Prost who moved to Istanbul in 1935 and stayed until 1951. Commissioned by Ataturk himself, Prost saw the need to drive two wide boulevards through the densely populated Beyoğlu district, culminating in Taksim Square and what he called Park No. 2; a positive culmination for the major modernisation that the city required. 4 July 2013

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