Hutchison & Steele, architects. Planned view of the ice palace for the 1889 Montréal winter carnival. 1889. Gift of the Hon. Serge Joyal, p.c., o.c.

Ice was a catalyst for temporary urban transformation in late 19th-century Montréal during the city’s colourful winter carnivals. Launched by a coalition of sporting clubs, the winter carnival was held in late January and early February between 1883 through 1885 and from 1887 to 1889. Designed to promote winter tourism, the carnival was marked each year by the construction of a huge ice palace1. The CCA holds a collection of over 30 pictorial works related to winter carnivals in Montréal, St. Paul, and Québec City and the ephemeral architecture they inspired.

1 Dufresne, Sylvie. “Le carnaval d’hiver de Montréal, 1883-1889,” Urban History Review, 1983, vol. 11, no. 3, p. 26.

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