Edward (Carrick) Craig and his father, the eminent stage designer Edward Gordon Craig compiled this collection comprised of books (about 75 titles) and ephemera documenting stage design and theatre history in Italy, France, Germany and England from the seventeenth through the twentieth centuries. The 700 ephemeral documents - engravings, photographs, broadsides, cuttings - focus on London theatres.

In addition to the Craig Collection, the CCA holds over 1,000 other book titles relating to theatre (some 30 dated before 1800). Of these, about half concern the architecture of theatres (e.g. theatre construction, theatre as building type); about 300 items are about theatre as an art form; another 200 relate to stage sets and scenery. The Craig Theatre Collection is complemented by non-book collection items including toys, competition briefs, audio-visual materials and vertical files, and the rich holdings in prints and drawings.

Search the Library Catalogue with the phrase ‘Edward Craig Theatre Collection’ to retrieve the items from this collection. Search Collection Online for other collection objects related to the subject of theatre and design.

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