Fire insurance maps are detailed city plans that show neighbourhoods and individual building footprints. Originally produced for insurance underwriters, these maps helped to determine fire risks and establish the cost of insurance premiums. Today, these maps are valuable resources for researchers and scholars interested in a city’s urban past.

Pictured here is one sheet from a 1954 map of Montréal covering the area bounded by Mont-Royal Park to the north, rue St. Dominique to the east, rue Notre Dame West to the south, and avenue Atwater and Westmount’s city limits to the west. The sheet includes the site of the CCA building.

Among the body of fire insurance maps in the CCA Collection are 30 volumes of maps produced by the Underwriters’ Survey Bureau for the City of Montréal, covering the years 1950 to 1972.


From Insurance plan of the city of Montréal. Volume 2. Toronto : Underwriters' Survey Bureau, [1957].

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