Solomon Abramovich Lisagor (1900-1937) was an important figure in the Russian constructivist movement and collaborated with Moisei Ginzburg, Gustav Hassenpflug, and Alexander and Victor Vesnin, among others. A victim of Stalinist repression, he was arrested and executed in 1937.

This unique scrapbook, assembled by Lisagor and preserved by his friend, architect Nikolai Travin, includes photographs of drawings and models, and newspaper clippings pertaining to architecture projects spanning Lisagor’s career, 1923 to 1937.

Among the projects best documented in the scrapbook, including a number of collaborative designs, are a communal dwelling in Saratov (1929-31), a community housing complex in Rostokino (1930-31), and competitions for the Palace of the Soviets (1931-33) and for the People’s Commissariat of Heavy Industry in Moscow (1934). Proposals for a circus, a housing development in Kashira, Red Army headquarters, and a spa in the Crimea are also documented, providing further examples of Lisagor’s application of constructivist principles.

The scrapbook is part of a corpus comprising hundreds of objects, drawings, photographs, and Russian avant-garde periodicals.

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