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How do we experience food in Montreal and what does that say about us? How has food affected the development of the city, and how will it influence the city’s future?

Come to a public conversation coproduced with Avenue 8 and Spacing Montréal and examine Montreal through food.

Our daylong event is softly structured so you can follow your curiosity around the CCA, from storytelling in the Bookstore to debate in the rotunda and a laboratory in the Shaughnessy House. Cash bar and tapas by FoodLAB.

Normand Laprise of Toqué! delivers a keynote, professional story-teller Isabel dos Santos tells tales of food, and food critic and comedian Bartek Komorowski closes the evening.

Our special guests enliven the spaces, but the event is about your ideas and stories, starting with your favourite food memory of the city (in eight words or less.) Submit with your RSVP on Facebook or email bouffe@cca.qc.ca. The best stories will appear at the event.

Menu (between $5-6)

Saucisson à la bière noire du Fou de Cochon with bread, mustard and house-made pickles
Smoked bone marrow tartine on house-made brioche, apple slaw and herbs
Quebec goat cheese, kamut sables, apricots, chicory and honey
Asparagus salad, boiled egg, parmesan and vinaigrette
Marinated olives with citrus

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Event information:
5 April 2012, 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Free Admission