Still from The Street

Curated by Montréal’s respected Festival du nouveau cinéma, this day of films offers three insights into how marginalized figures of Montréal’s neighbourhoods create their own value and their own society. The films are presented in conjunction with ABC : MTL, an open-source initiative at the CCA that maps contemporary Montréal in a diversity of ways and media. A series of public programs accompanies the exhibition.

1:00 pm
The Street (1997)
“A raw nerve of a film” – Vancouver Sun. The Street is a gritty portrait of 3 homeless men living on the streets near Guy metro in Montreal. Made over a period of 6 years, the film follows the ups and downs of these deteriorating lives and is an intense, intimate portrait of street life. Directed by Daniel Cross.

2:30 pm
La mise à l’aveugle (2012)
Newly retired Denise feels trapped. Between her ex-husband, her contemptuous son and her inability to move on from her former position, she’s badly in need of a fresh start. But not until she decides to move back to the neighbourhood of her youth do new possibilities begin to emerge. Enter Paul, her neighbour who, each night, assembles his ragtag cast of characters around the poker table… Directed by Simon Galiero.

4:00 pm
Peace Park (2013)
As Montreal gentrifies its red light district, the city goes to war with the drug dealers, crack addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes, homeless, and skaters, but they are not going anywhere. The documentary explores Montreal’s graffiti, social and urban problems, corporate greed, corruption, and the historical importance of the area surrounding Peace Park. Directed by David Bouthillier.

Event information:
9 March 2013, 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Paul-Desmarais Theatre
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