The CCA exhibition program forges links between architectural thinking and practice, addressing contemporary issues via historical perspectives and an engagement with social, environmental, and political themes.

The SAAL Process

12 May to 4 October 2015

“The Right to a Place, the Right to the City” Born out of the Portuguese revolution of 25 April 1974, SAAL―the Serviço Ambulatório de Apoio... read more

Landscapes of the Hyperreal: Ábalos & Herreros selected by SO – IL

23 July to 13 September 2015

Ábalos & Herreros constructed landscapes—or, more precisely, assembled them—by crudely juxtaposing a cast of semi-familiar characters. more

The CCA in Photographs, 1987–2015

Opens 22 April 2015 Hall Cases

When the Canadian Centre for Architecture building was conceived and designed as an addition to the nineteenth-century Shaughnessy more

selections from exhibitions

To look at most architecture today is to be left wanting. Normalized forms smooth over cultural differences, seemingly intent on vacating... read more

Media and Machines marks the second phase of the research project initiated with the 2013 exhibition Archaeology of the Digital. Curated by... read more

A translation can often bring out the deep, innermost nature of a culture that cannot be transferred from one linguistic context to another... read more

The mound of Vendôme is a seemingly simple yet provocative artifact: an earthwork that became a central part of a radical attempt to transform... read more