The CCA exhibition program forges links between architectural thinking and practice, addressing contemporary issues via historical perspectives and an engagement with social, environmental, and political themes.

How architects, experts, politicians, international agencies and citizens negotiate modern planning: Casablanca Chandigarh

26 November 2013 to 20 April 2014

The beginning of the 1950s was a moment of global upheaval. From India to Morocco, from Guatemala to Indochina, the process of decolonization... read more

Media and Machines

Opens 21 May 2014

Media and Machines marks the second phase of the research project initiated with the 2013 exhibition Archaeology of the Digital. Curated more

Photographing the Arab city in the 19th century

30 January to 25 May 2014 Octagonal gallery

In the 19th century the East represented the realm of exoticism, fantasy and mystery. Literature and painting in particular used the more

selections from exhibitions

The pressing need to reconstruct cities after the Second World War and the sudden post-war rise in population led the public sector to assume... read more

The H-Block buildings of Maze Prison were a potent symbol of the often violent political struggles in Northern Ireland known today as the... read more

In 1929, Ilse Bing bought a Leica camera and started a photographic career that took her from Frankfurt to New York via Paris. Working first... read more

Curated by architect Greg Lynn, Archaeology of the Digital is conceived as an investigation into the foundations of digital architecture at... read more

An Atlas. A Bricolage. A Compendium of different elements and strategies for understanding the city. ABC : MTL is an urban abecedary and open... read more