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R. Landau, photographer. Views of model for Quitandinha Hotel and Apartment Block at Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, designed by Oscar Niemeyer, photomontages. 1950.

Project for the Centrosoyus Palace, designed by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret, model views, 1929. In L’architecture vivante, no. 27, spring 1930.

House for an artist and Private House, project by Theo van Doesburg, Cornelis van Eesteren et Gerrit Rietveld, model views and plans, 1922. Double page in L’Architecture Vivante, Fall 1925.

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The architectural model gained new prominence after a period of decline when it became a popular tool for design education and practice in the early twentieth century. This revival is usually associated with the turn towards objectivity and the search for expressive means to communicate ideas in three dimensions—but how was the model transformed in the age of its mechanical reproducibility?

Modernism in Miniature: Points of View explores the encounter between photography and model-making between 1920-1960. It focuses on model photography as a distinctive genre and suggests that the so-called ‘model boom’ was inextricably bound up with the explosion of modern mass media.

The objects on display illustrate a variety of visual practices ranging from straight records of study models to hyper-realist photomontage. Channelled by the illustrated press, miniatures reached out to a wide public and, in some cases, acquired enduring cult status. By revisiting a widespread yet oft-neglected imagery, the exhibition provokes questions about the relationship between media in architectural culture and the specific impact of photography on the perception of the miniature.

The vernissage for Modernism in Miniature is at 6 pm on 23 Septembre, 2011, with a presentation from curator Davide Deriu at 7 pm.


Davide Deriu, Exhibition Curator
1218 A , Graphic design