Film still from L’homme vite, Guy Borremans, 1963. ONF/NFB.

The CCA galleries are transformed into cinematic screening rooms to present a range of artistic, scientific, and experimental films on speed and space. Selected by curators from the archives of NASA, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum (NASM), the National Film Board of Canada (NFB), and UbuWeb, the films explore the impact of velocity and technology on our past, present and future. read more (+)

Intermission: Films From a Heroic Future bridges the themes of the preceding exhibition Speed Limits (20 May to 8 November 2009) and the subsequent exhibition Other Space Odysseys: Greg Lynn, Michael Maltzan, and Alessandro Poli (8 April to 6 September 2010). Marking the centenary of the foundation of the Italian Futurist movement, Speed Limits addressed the pivotal role played by speed in modern life, while Other Space Odysseys will examine historical and contemporary architectural projects related to space travel and the pursuit of lunar habitation. Intermission surveys the evolving relationship between speed and space, from early reactions to new technology to nostalgic ideas of an unmechanised past. The films on view date from the 20th and 21st centuries, and show speed and technology as heroic indicators of progress or harbingers of an uncertain future. Groundbreaking experimental and artistic films explore disruption and curiosity caused by an accelerating pace of life, or evoke wonder created by the moving image. Films on flight span the eras of the Wright brothers to the space shuttle, while fantastical projections of the future are accompanied by films that question the likelihood of life in outer space.

Selections from each archive are grouped by themes of pace, rhythm, speed, flight, cosmonauts, and space, and shown in the main screening gallery. In addition, two galleries show continuous projections: one featuring selections from the NFB and UbuWeb, and one devoted to rare footage from NASA. All films are available for viewing at any time at nine personal stations in the archive room of the exhibition, offering visitors a more intimate experience and the opportunity to explore the depth of the archives at their own pace.

Intermission is a departure from an object-based exhibition with a determined flow through the galleries and a polished aesthetic. Visitors are offered multiple ways and paces of interacting with the content. Tiered and mobile seating in the main screening gallery allows for a focused viewing experience. Other galleries offer simultaneous projections, personal viewing stations, or tranquil, dark spaces with comfortable furniture. An interval between two exhibitions, Intermission’s aesthetic character is one of temporariness, both in-process and informal.

Thursday Night Features
Intermission’s Thursday Night Features series includes curator’s talks and special screenings, offering visitors the chance to see feature films, explore the archives, meet the curators, and discover rare and experimental footage in a cinematic atmosphere. From 7 to 10 pm the galleries shift to become spaces for conversation and relaxing, with music and cash bar. Thursday night screenings are repeated on Saturdays and Sundays at 2:30 pm.

A selection of books and DVDs on the themes of speed and space is available in the CCA Bookstore.

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Moonwalk One: The Director’s Cut

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Footage from Apollo 16 mission, 1972. NASA. Courtesy of Footagevault.

National Film Board of Canada (NFB)

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Excerpt from Rouli-Roulant, Claude Jutra, 1966. ONF/NFB.

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum (NASM)

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Excerpt from Coast to Coast in 48 Hours, 1928. Aeronautics Division National Air and Space Museum.


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Excerpt from Diagram Film, Paul Glabicki, 1978.