2008 Power Corporation of Canada recipients Shannon Harvey, Tomek Bartczak, and Per Kefgen in residence at the CCA Study Centre.

"Winter – it never deceives.
It always comes back." – Toivo Pekkanen, Finnish novelist

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The 2008 Power Corporation of Canada Award invited candidates to propose a research project on the topic of Cold Environments from a historical, theoretical or critical perspective. Recipients of the award are Tomek Bartczak, Shannon Harvey, and Per Kefgen. Their collaborative research project resulted in the online publication Cold Snap, which examines architecture and urbanism’s responses to our cultural and physical relationships to the cold.

“Driven by our own individual interests, the research presented here does not attempt to be a comprehensive survey of the subject matter, but instead takes the form of a variety of inquiries around our cultural and physical relationship to cold environments. The investigation moves from the larger regional scale, to urbanism and concerns of the built environment, followed by issues of cold interiors.

“Although global temperatures may be on the rise, a relative “colder” place will always remain. What is important in the response of architecture to the questions raised here, however is that it maintains a dialogue with its environment, a dialogue that responds to and challenges our own perceptions of cold.”

Tomek Bartczak, University of Toronto
Shannon Harvey, McGill University
Per Kefgen, McGill University

Power Corporation of Canada Awards encourage students at the Masters level in Canadian architectural schools to become acquainted with the CCA Collection and public programs through a collaborative project of three months at the Study Centre.


Tomek Bartczak
Shannon Harvey
Per Kefgen