Des Seigneurs community garden. Photo: Edward J. Martin.

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2006 Power Corporation of Canada Awards Poster

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The 2006 Power Corporation of Canada Award invited candidates to propose a historical, theoretical or critical research project on the topic of sustainable development as it relates to architecture and the city. Recipients of the award are Edward J. Martin, Catherine Vandermeulen, and Nancy-Ann Wilson. Their collaborative research project resulted in the online publication Montréal: Sustainable Development, which traces the genealogy of sustainable development, offers a portrait of the city of Montréal, and provides three distinct perspectives of sustainable development in Montréal.

“Intensification for growth, a priority to a pedestrian perspective, and urbanisme végétal may all be part of a sustainable Montréal. None of these themes were thought of as solutions unto themselves. The very notion of sustainable development necessarily implies solutions and views which reach beyond boundaries of single viewpoints, disciplines, categories, and even scales. In the end, the necessary vagueness of the term sustainable development is its strength, as this is what allows it to breach these boundaries.”

Edward J. Martin, University of Waterloo
Catherine Vandermeulen, McGill University
Nancy-Ann Wilson, University of Toronto

Power Corporation of Canada Awards encourage students at the Masters level in Canadian architectural schools to become acquainted with the CCA Collection and public programs through a collaborative project of three months at the Study Centre.