NSB (NeuerSozialerBau) - New Social Construction

NSB (NeuerSozialerBau) - New Social Construction

Construction site
Urban furniture

installation / space for use

> Steel pipe triangular structure (3 meter long each side), first cover with army camouflage net, ending with black "pondfoil"

> The project was designed to create a space for sexual encounter, following traditional patterns of the gay culture. The idea of the cruising in parks is mixed with a structure that can be used as "darkroom".
The Weimarhallenpark in Weimar was selected because links the city center (with the architecture of the Classical time -under Unesco heritage protection) with the west side, dominated by social housing prefabricated buildings from the German Democratic Republic time.

> Paying attention to the lack of gay cruising areas in Weimar, NSB foster a meeting point, for gay men but specially for those inside the right-radical scene and engaged in fetish (leather, rubber and army) aesthetics.
The city of Weimar is the "core" of the Classical German Romanticism with Goethe and Schiller and music componist, but also hosted the Weimar Republic and the Bauhaus in the XX century. This heritage is confronted also by the special attention from Hitler to Weimar with the Gauforum (the nazi model for city administration center) and the close concentration camp of Buchenwald.
Addresing the arise of the right-radical scene since the German reunification (1990) related with the unemployment and economic decrease, it is important to highlight also that currently Neo-Nazi demonstration in the region like to be placed in Weimar because its "traditional german heritage".
Paying attention to subcultures we found some links between right-radical engaged people and fetish-oriented gay population. In that sense, the existing but hidden groups of gay men inside the right-radical groups are kind of border groups, with almost no representation in the public realm.
This particular condition aimed the development of a space to be used, where people can negotiate their wishes and fetish games... but also creating an alternative space where politics are confronted in the public.

> In that sense, group oriented advertisement was set on a popular gay chat+dating website Gayromeo. After a week the posted images were banned because of the use of forbidden symbolism related with the Nazi time.

> The experience resulted in a processual artwork because it was vandalized. The response was a redevelopment with new materials but keeping the original concept and user´s target group.


-Artist: Carlos Leon-Xjimenez
-City of Weimar: Authority for Parks and Green Areas
-Entente Floral Contest
-Passer byes and users of the Weimarhallenpark in Weimar

Location: Weimarhallenpark, Weimar, Germany june 19 - juli 20, 2007