Associate Director, Communications

Job identification

Job title
    Associate Director, Communications
    Contractual, full time (35 hrs/week), 3 years
Posting period
    From April 18 to May 27
Job entry
    As soon as possible

Job summary

The responsibilities of this job include the strategic development of content and procedures for the international, national and local communication of the CCA image, mission, and vision. This key position within the institution is charged with the responsibility of determining how and when to communicate information to promote CCA visibility and understanding to a wide range of audiences.

Reporting to the Director, the incumbent collaborates with management and especially Digital and Curatorial divisions to properly communicate the voice and content of the institution. The incumbent also manages the visitor experience and supports the Development division activities with proper communication tools.

Key responsibilities

Strategic responsibilities

• Engages in strategic planning and execution of press and media operations, and public and visitor relations to position CCA, its programs and goals, internationally, nationally and locally
• Articulates and develops with the Director, Chief Curator and Management means of advancing CCA’s agenda to communicate the mission and goals of CCA, its holdings, programs and research, using marketing and public relations strategies accordingly
• Collaborates with the digital division in the elaboration of proper digital engagement strategy
• Develops and maintains dynamic relations with the local, national and international print and online media, including the general media and specialized architectural press
• In collaboration with the Director and the Chief Curator, plans and conceives international public presence and documentation emanating from the CCA, and ensures their intellectual force, and their textual and visual quality
• Develops and implements internal communication strategies to inform and engage all staff members, and to create meaningful impact on employee experience and institutional culture
• Ensures networking with institutional partners and especially their public relations and communications representatives to achieve coordinated actions relating to collaborative operations

Press and Public Relations

• Elaborates the strategic development of long and short-term public relations plans to deploy print and online communications that target international audiences, press, and media contacts
• Composes, reviews, and edits written communications, including coordination of various contributors and final production of clear, intelligible and compelling materials on their content and purpose
• Writes and acts as editor in expressing curatorial content in all communications, print or online
• Manages placement and monitoring of CCA media exposure to announce and promote exhibitions, programs, and events of various kinds, including internal CCA affairs and events transpiring at extra-mural locations
• Develops the content and design/production of institutional ephemera in print as well as web-based media
• Ensures representation of CCA to press, media, and institutional partners worldwide, forging and monitoring the relations and exposure and their outcomes
• Manages and analyses all monitoring and measuring of success, audience attendance, performance and response in collaboration with the digital team

Audience relations, Visitor Experience, Bookstore and Events

• Develops active means and plans of engagement for visitors and online presence in collaboration with Digital division
• Manages visitor relations and entrance desk to ensure visitor experience is aligned with CCA’s curatorial voice, attendance monitoring, survey strategies and audience building
• Elaborates the strategies and supervision of the bookstore in collaboration with the Curatorial team to best channel CCA’s curatorial voice and to ensure the dynamic utilization of this highly public space
• In collaboration with other divisions, plans, manages and supervises all external and internal events, to expand the institution’s audiences and networks

Management and supervision

• Produces the annual budget for the Communications Division
• Participates in the long-term budget planning, annual budget construction, and period review of operational budgets for the CCA at large
• Supervises the staff members in Communications, including the bookstore and the accueil

Required qualifications

• Education : master’s degree in a relevant field, such as Architecture, Art, Design, Communications, or Museum Studies
• Number of years of relevant work experience: 8 to 10 years of experience in institutional and international communications and public relations or journalism, with an emphasis on curatorial content for mass and specialized media, print and online communications


• Excellent knowledge of spoken and written French and English
• Excellent writing and editing abilities
• Knowledge of architecture and urbanism, engagement with the CCA’s larger mission, and a keen interest in current events as well as a sense of their relevance to the fields of architecture and urbanism
• Familiarity with the world of non-profit cultural institutions
• Project management skills, including planning and organizing
• Established international and national network in the architectural media environment, curatorial field and cultural landscape with the aim of cultivating institutional relationships with partners and collaborators
• Solid experience in using online platforms a privileged tool for promoting institutional image media
• Have the knowledge and skills to make sure that processes, technology and tools are properly established in order to drive efficiency and productivity
• Personal integrity, strong interpersonal skills, diplomatic tactics and good will toward co-workers

Please submit your application (resume, cover letter) by email at rh@cca.qc.ca before May 28, 2018 to the attention of Human Resources of the Canadian Centre for Architecture located at 1920 Baile Street, Montreal (Quebec) H3H 2S6. Only successful applicants will be contacted. Please do not call.

The CCA is an equal opportunity employer

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