Visitor policies


Visitors may enter public areas with one medium-sized handbag. All other bags and items, such as umbrellas, roller skates and helmets, must be checked at the reception desk. Visitors may use their laptops to access free Wi-Fi service in the Shaughnessy House.


The upper level can be reached using the elevator behind the reception desk. Wheelchairs are available on request from the reception desk. Guide dogs are permitted in the museum’s public spaces.


The CCA permits visitors to take photographs and make audio-video recordings in its galleries and public spaces for personal use. The following are not permitted:
– Camera extension-poles (selfie-sticks), tripods, or other equipment that may interfere with other visitors or exhibited works; as a courtesy to other visitors, we ask that you refrain from using a flash
– Commercial use or reproduction of any photograph or image taken at the CCA, without express written permission of the CCA and the copyright holder
– Photography of any work, special exhibition or gallery marked by signage indicating that photography is not permitted

We ask that you respect the rights of artists and their representatives under Canadian copyright law. For more information on Canadian copyright law, visit

Media wishing to photograph and/or film in the CCA must contact CCA media relations at

For any questions or further information, please email us at