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In an age of unprecedented human impact on the planet, certain countries stand out for their privileged positions and the complexity of their relationships with the land. Stories about Canada closely follow the discovery and appropriation of vast and varied natural resources as well as changing ideas of the proper relationship between people and their environment.

Presenting case studies from the last five decades of human intervention in the Canadian landscape, It’s All Happening So Fast explores Canadians’ often conflicted and conflicting views of what we call the “natural” environment. Among the materials included are selections from CCA, Library and Archives Canada, McCord Museum, Arkitektur- och Designcentrum Stockholm, and works by Douglas Coupland.

Curated by Mirko Zardini, CCA
Curatorial team: Vanessa Abram, Lev Bratishenko, Louise Désy, Anna Renken, CCA
Curatorial coordination: Delphine Lesage, Émilie Retailleau, CCA
Additional research: Benjamin Leclair, Elliott Sturtevant, Rebecca Taylor
Exhibition design: Kuehn Malvezzi, Berlin
Graphic design: Pitis e Associati, Milan and Paris
Design development: Anh Truong with Sébastien Larivière, CCA

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