17 Volcanoes: Works by Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn, Armin Linke, and Bas Princen

Exhibition, Octagonal gallery, through 22 January

Between 1836 and 1848, the German-Dutch explorer Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn made several expeditions in Java in the service of the Dutch colonial authorities. He was among the first colonists to climb the island’s many volcanoes. His scientific works, books, maps, and lithographs made him the “Humboldt of Java.” This exhibition follows Junghuhn’s footsteps and explores seventeen of his favourite Javanese volcanoes.

These volcanoes mark territories that allow us to weave historical and contemporary narratives of Indonesia. As politically, economically, and culturally charged objects that behave in periodic cycles, these volcanoes are neither urban nor rural, neither alive nor dead, neither past nor present, and neither good nor bad.

The exhibition is part of a three-year research project at the Future Cities Laboratory at Singapore ETH Centre. It features photographs and videos by Armin Linke, and photographs by Bas Princen.

Curated by Alexander Lehnerer and Philip Ursprung, ETH.

Alex Lehnerer and Philip Ursprung present 17 Volcanoes