The rest of your senses

We seek to challenge the dominance of vision. We want to smell cities, lick asphalt, construct buildings from snow and ice. We seek to better understand the subtle, sensorial qualities of the built environment. We are studying the transformation of the built environment through climatic control, the bodily experience of sound and ways to navigate using atmospheric conditions. Clearly, our senses shape every aspect of our interactions with our environment. How might a new state of sensorial attention reshape spaces?

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Livestock at the Ritz-Carlton

A presentation by Jason Prince

Should we bring farm animals back into the city? Urbanist and social economy advisor Jason Prince asks the question and hopes to show us our future by tracing the presence of animals in Montreal, Rotterdam, Cairo, and the Google campus, from the closure of urban abattoirs to the rising popularity of backyard farming in recent years.

Jason Prince: Animals in the City

Jason Prince delivered this presentation during Soap, an event hosted by Pecha Kucha Montréal and the CCA in 2010.