What the future looked like

Every architectural drawing calls to the future, but some projections surpass their particular contexts to reveal something wider—and highly timely. It’s easy to recognize the currents of anxiety or optimism that run through the moments that populate this issue, but we shouldn’t fool ourselves into thinking they are familiar; these are past futures that never really arrived. Rather, they lie in wait, giving us renewed routes toward understanding what preoccupies us today.

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1993: Architecture and the Electronic Future

A fax from ANY

The topic of the third ANY magazine was “Electrotecture: Architecture and the Electronic Future.” The fax below outlines an urgent request for images needed to illustrate the issue.

Laura Bourland. Fax to Bettmann Archive regarding image research for the ANY magazine issue “Electrotecture: Architecture and the Electronic Future,” 17 September 1993. ARCH277567

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