The CCA is currently advancing thematic lines of research predicted to have a major impact on its programs and activities, such as the effect of digital technologies in the evolution of architectural and planning thinking, the growth of environmental studies and the changing role of photography in architectural media. These lines of research are reflected in new acquisitions that, reinforcing the CCA Collection, may also prompt new scholarly interest. In recent years, the CCA has worked with a broad variety of scholars and professionals whose qualifications range from literature, anthropology and philosophy to urban planning, landscape and emerging digital technology.

The CCA’s Visiting Scholar Program promotes and supports innovative, advanced research from a broad interdisciplinary perspective on the history, theory, and criticism of the various design disciplines. The Visiting Scholar Program particularly welcomes research proposals in these areas that are prompted by, or refer to, the relationship between contemporary design theory and practice and current social, cultural and political issues. Projects engaged in changes in professional practices, and in the development of new media technologies are also welcomed. No specific chronological or thematic restrictions apply. Proposals may interpret history in the most comprehensive sense, as a repository or flux of ideas, events and actions.

Visiting Scholars are asked to integrate their individual research projects with initiatives in progress at the CCA and are requested to present their research in progress in a public lecture. They are warmly invited to actively participate in seminar activities, conferences, discussions organized by CCA during their residency and to contribute to the CCA website with short features. The aim is to nurture intellectual exchange among scholars, the CCA and the academic community internationally and in Montreal.


The 2015 Visiting Scholar Program welcomes applications from architects, planners, landscape designers, photographers, scholars and critics in related fields conducting research on a post-doctoral or equivalently advanced academic level. Applicants must submit a research proposal that takes into consideration the purpose of the program and the scope of the CCA Collection. Appointments will be made through an open application and selection process conducted by an international jury. Criteria for selection are the originality of the project, its relevance to the major lines of research fostered by the CCA, its feasibility in relation to CCA resources, and the candidate’s intellectual contribution to their field. Residencies will be granted for periods of one to two months (between May and September 2015) to be determined according to CCA Programs. Visiting Scholars will receive competitive research stipends, financial support, logistic assistance for relocation, a working space, and administrative aid as needed.

Guidelines and Terms of Residency 2014-2015


Applicants should have completed a PhD at the time of application. Alternatively, they should provide evidence of significant scholarly or professional achievements. Applications may be submitted in French or English.

The CCA will notify applicants of their status by early summer 2014.

Visiting Scholars

The Study Centre’s Consultative Committee, composed of Marc Angélil, Barry Bergdoll, Adèle Naudé Santos, Brigitte Shim, Jeffrey T. Schnapp (external members), Phyllis Lambert, Mirko Zardini, Maristella Casciato (internal members), reviewed 23 proposals from 8 different countries and awarded fellowships to the following scholars