Urban furniture

Duv-tal was designed in response to America’s obsession with cars and the lack of support for public transportation systems. For those that use public transportation out of necessity, cars symbolize luxury while public transportation symbolizes an individual’s limits. Many bus stops do not have adequate seating and passengers are left to sit on the ground, further reinforcing their position in our economic system.

It is my aim to construct environmentally friendly, efficient, and streamline seating for people who use public transportation, to give passengers a sense of authority and autonomy by providing an elevated vantage point— a position of honor.

Duv-tal utilizes the electric poles that many bus stop signs are attach to. A pole will accommodate a unit of green back-to-back seats that resemble and function much like theater seating and do not exceed the space that a passenger already occupies at the bus stop. Included on the seat, printed text will read: “You are a role model. You are actively improving the environment by riding the bus.”

The very nature of chairs and the additional text will highlight and commend an often-ignored social class, for their environmentally friendly activity that should be recognized in the environmental movement.

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Catherine Blackwell Pena

Local : Memphis, TN May 2008