houston fence

houston fence

High tech gadget
Construction site

This installation was commissioned by the Department of Design and Construction of the city of New York. Inspired by QR code patterns, Houston Fence occupied all four corners of the intersection of Broadway and Houston Street. Each corner was identified with a color—green, yellow, blue or orange—that related to the features of the site and the city’s traffic language. Meant to be viewed at different scales and speeds of movement (pedestrian, car, and bike) these two-sided fence intervention used put-in plastic cups as ‘pixels’ scattered to create a permeable pattern that partially filled 60 chain-link fences set up along 480 feet on Houston Street as a safety barrier. QR codes placed in some of the cups allowed pedestrians to access the blog (www.houstonfence.mobi) by scanning them with a mobile phone. The blog documented the evolution of this data-barrier and its interactions with the public and the city.

Atores :

carolina cisneros carlos gomez de llarenas mateo pinto

Local : houston street, new york city, usa 2008