Leave-A-Bag Take-A-Bag

Leave-A-Bag Take-A-Bag


Every day in New York City, no matter how we resist, we end up with multiple plastic bags in our hands. Whether from the deli, the hardware store or the bookstore. These bags are everywhere. We decided to design and install Take-A-Bag Leave-A-Bag mini recycling stations around the city. These simple tube structures consist of a couple of holes for inserting and removing bags and are constructed to resist rain damage. They attach simply to any given street sign post (parking signs, stop signs, school signs, etc.). The tubes can be used for dog waste, bicycle seat covers, umbrella bags, or whatever one might need a spare container for. We placed take a bag - leave a bag tubes at varrying sites to see how people used them- at the entrance to a park, between two delis and a coffee shop and in a residential area where a dog walker might be stranded without a bag. In total, we made and installed seven tubes. After installing them we spied on people's reactions and videotaped some interviews.

Atores :

General Assemby: Sarah Lawlor, Elle Przybyla, Jaime Keeler, Jonathan Zames

Local : New York City November 2008