True Colours

True Colours

Proposal/Official document

What is the architect's ability of organize people? Our action attempts to answer this question by re-integrating people through elective segregation. We took a class of students (61 students) and organized them by the color of their t-shirts. Beforehand, we gave the students a color-coded map of the assigned sections.

The students arrived in class and began to find their sections. The first 5-6 students had to be helped to their seats, but the rest found their sections without any assistance or resistance. After the study, we had them take a survey to see their color motivations.

Our analysis showed us that we substituted one form (social relationships) of segregation with another form (shirt color) and in the active participation of this, achieved a form of social integration. Although, it did not achieve a perfect integration, we got the students to think more about their position in relation to both the space and those around them.

The re-application of this can be used to create new relationships with people who would otherwise be separated.

Atores :

A group of students in lecture hall

Local : Ann Arbor, MI, USA 1/22/09