Wishes, Lies and Dreams

Wishes, Lies and Dreams

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The art project works focuses on the mechanisms of perception and dreams, the private world of the world of fantasy and unconscious, the conditions underlying the system by which mind and spirit operates. At the same time, the (in)-visibility of the structure ignites a confusion on the viewers' perception of the work and of the space where it is placed, thus provoking and ambiguous relationship between the object, its function and its appearance, unlock a mysterious force field on the border of the truth and lie, that is able to create unexpected angles of approach which in turn force the viewer to take up a new position in the observation of the surrounding world.”

Atores :

I would like to work and sharing with peoples from all background, particularly those who are interested in ideas that can link across media boundaries. I am interested in combinations more than purity and expanding in “development of ideas from concept to creation the Contemporary/Modern Art". In between: natural and science, contemporary arts with new media arts, sculpture with video, sculpture with architecture, sculpture with design, traditional with contemporary civilization, this type of thing. I like to encourage experimentation and open-ended exploration rather than fine-tuning and polished results. I think of this studies session as a as a laboratory not a term paper. I plan work on an interactive community-based project that is a part of my art process. I would like invited childrens, peoples/artists and disabled persons for sharing their Wishes/Dreams in my artwork project. I would welcome the participation and insight of some of the Associates, but this is totally voluntary.

Local : All over the places