Doctoral Students Program 2009

Research, February 2009 to November 2009

Horea Avram
McGill University, Canada
“Augmented Space: The Logics and “Technologics” of Space in Installation Art and Augmented Reality”

Shiben Banerji
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States
“Agriculture: Or How Environment Became a Category of Architectural Thought”

Imen Ben Jemia
Université de Montréal, Canada
“Construire l’identité de la ville : patrimoine et architecture contemporaine”

Julie Boivin
University of Toronto, Canada
“A Redefinition of the Role of Ornament in French Rococo Art and Contemporary Visual Culture: From the Horrifyingly Beautiful to the Beauty of Horror”

Marta Caldeira
Columbia University, United States
“Architecture, History and the City: Italo-Iberian Exchanges in Architecture Culture 1960s-1970s”

Eva Eylers
Architectural Association School of Architecture, United Kingdom
“Hygiene and Health in Modern Urban Planning—The Sanatorium and its Role within the Modernist Movement”

Francesca Fagnano
Università Iuav di Venezia, Italy
“Organizing Death: the ‘366 graves cemetery’ by Ferdinando Fuga”

Kim Förster
ETH Zürich, Switzerland
“The Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies, New York (1967-1984). A Cultural Project in Architecture”

Anne Hultzsch
The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, United Kingdom
“Things and (not) Words: Early Modern Perceptions of Architecture”

Nadia Kurd
McGill University, Canada
“The Gilles Gagnon Postcard Collection”

Diana Kurkovsky
Princeton University, United States
“CyberSovietica. Cybernetics, City Building, and Systems of Soviet Living, 1954-1986”

Elsa Lam
Columbia University, United States
“A Fertile Wilderness: The CPR Ready-Made Farms, 1909-1919”

Anneka Lenssen
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States
“Nowhere Factory: the Syrian Euphrates Dam Project, 1955-1975”

Fan Lin
McGill University, Canada
“‘Tribute of Yu’: Historical Dimensions of Space and Maps in Pre-modern China”

Maureen Mahoney
Carleton University, Canada
“When Europe Re-Built the Neighbourhood: City Beautiful, the Settlement Movement, and the Emergence of American Internationalism, 1890-1920”

Maria Elisa Navarro Morales
McGill University, Canada
“Theological Metaphors in ‘Architectura Civil Recta Y Oblicua’—An Architectural Treatise by Juan Caramuel De Lobkowitz”

Nicola Pezolet
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States
“Hopes in Design: Tomas Maldonado’s ‘Scientific Operationalism’ and the Architectural Culture of the Postwar Years”

Eduardo Ralickas
Université de Montréal, Canada
“Abraham Bosse: Some Performative Failures”

Lori Riva
McGill University, Canada
“Devising Motion: Domenico Fontana’s Project for Raising the Vatican Obelisk”

Thomas Strickland
McGill University, Canada
“Uncertain Assemblies: Man and His Health at Expo 67”

Irene Sunwoo
Princeton University, United States
“Alvin Boyarsky Presents Chicago à la carte”

Luca Velo
Università Iuav di Venezia, Italy
“Eugène Piot’s L’Italie monumentale

Alla G. Vronskaya
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States
“Parks of Culture and Rest and the Formation of the Discipline of Landscape Architecture in the Soviet Union (1927-1941)”

The CCA Doctoral Students Program facilitates access to documents and resources in the CCA Library, as well to the Prints and Drawings, Archives, and Photography Collections, for doctoral students in the history of art and architecture. To learn more, visit the program page.

With the generous support of the TD Bank Group


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