Find and Tell: Michael Meredith on John Hejduk

Event, March 2018

The Find and Tell program promotes new readings that highlight the intellectual relevance of particular aspects of this collection today. It is conceived as a series of residencies in which invited experts are asked to put forward arguments about our holdings by making a significant selection and interpretation of material within an archive or the photography collection. The curated selection can be based on key areas or periods, key projects, or a topical interest the expert thinks should be revealed. Following each residency, the material selected by the experts is made available through the CCA website, accompanied by an essay that supports their specific curatorial approach.

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Projects digitized during residency

41 projects represented, 629 objects digitized
(610 drawings, 12 textual records, 1 photograph, 3 sketchbooks, 3 artist books)

AP145.S2.D1, Texas Houses, [1954-1963]
AP145.S2.D4, Apartment House, [1954-1963]
AP145.S2.D6, Economy Houses, [1954 and 1963]
AP145.S2.D8, Ithaca House, [1954-1963]
AP145.S2.D9, The Nine Square Problem, [1954-1963]
AP145.S2.D10, Piano Houses, [1954-1963]
AP145.S2.D11, Row Houses, [1954-1963]
AP145.S2.D13, Northern New York House, [1958]
AP145.S2.D15, Diamond Houses, [1963-1985]
AP145.S2.D16, Bernstein House, 1968
AP145.S2.D18, Ambiguity House, [1968-1974]
AP145.S2.D19, Extension House, [1968-1974]
AP145.S2.D20, Gunn House, [1968-1974]
AP145.S2.D21, 1/4 House, [1968-1974]
AP145.S2.D22, One-Half House (1966), 1966
AP145.S2.D23, 3/4 House, [1968-1974]
AP145.S2.D24, Red-Yellow Houses, [1968-1974]
AP145.S2.D27, Good Neighbor House, [1968-1974]
AP145.S2.D28, Element House, [1968-1974]
AP145.S2.D29, Time Sketches - Project Chronology, [1974-1979?]
AP145.S2.D30, The House for the Inhabitant who Refused to Participate, [1974-1979]
AP145.S2.D31, Wall House, [1968-1974]
AP145.S2.D32, Circular House, [1974?-1979?]
AP145.S2.D33, Dilemma House, [1973-1979]
AP145.S2.D34, Todre House, [1974-1979]
AP145.S2.D35, Cemetery for the Ashes of Thought, 1975
AP145.S2.D36, The Silent Witnesses, [1974]-1980
AP145.S2.D37, The Thirteen Watchtowers of Cannaregio, [1974-1979]
AP145.S2.D38, New Town for the New Orthodox, [1974-1979]
AP145.S2.D39, Cooper Union Foundation Building Renovation, 1972-[1975]
AP145.S2.D41, North East South West House, [1974-1979]
AP145.S2.D42, Campagna House, [after 1977]
AP145.S2.D43, 0 30 45 60 90 House, [1979-1983]
AP145.S2.D55, Victims I, [1984]
AP145.S2.D58, Riga, [1985]
AP145.S2.D59, Lake Baikal, [1985]
AP145.S2.D66, Vladivostok, [ca. 1983-1989]
AP145.S2.D68, House for a Poet, [1991]
AP145.S2.D77, Victims II, [1993]
AP145.S2.D79, Architectures in Love, [1994]
AP145.S2.D81, Miscellaneous Drawings and Texts, [1947-2000]

The Find and Tell program is financed by the City of Montréal and the Quebec Department of Culture and Communications, in the framework of the Montréal Cultural Development grant.


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