Concerning the Property that Concerns Us

Seven Montreal Initiatives
Event, in French, Théâtre Paul-Desmarais, 14 April 2022, 7pm

With global property prices inflated by speculation, suitable housing—both by rental and through ownership—is increasingly out of reach for many. More and more people are therefore critical of owning property at all.

But what alternatives are there? What about in the Montréal region? What are some new models of access, occupation or property sharing? What issues do they address and what makes them attractive? At what scale can we observe their impact, and should they be copied more widely? Meet people with recent projects that point in directions different from today. The speakers include representatives from Entremise, Le Village Urbain, SageTerre farm, Nomad Coliving, Combo 2 générations, Vivacité, and FRAPRU.

This event continues investigations into changing ideas of property from A Section of Now: Social Norms and Rituals as a Site of Architectural Intervention, in which we reflect on the expanded notions of family, activism, work, technology, life phases, and ownership.

To attend this event, please register here. The main event begins at 7pm, but you are welcome to join a special tour of the exhibition A Section of Now beforehand with some of the speakers. Capacity is limited.

Please note that we are taking extra care with your safety and that we continue to require those aged 13+ to show proof of vaccination to participate in on-site events. We realize that these measures are beyond what the government currently requires, and we thank you for respecting them.


Denise Tessier Trudeau, Combo 2 générations

After working for over thirty years in the insurance industry and growing concerned about the loneliness experienced by seniors, Denise Tessier Trudeau founded Combo 2 générations in 2017 with her daughter-in-law Isabelle Cazes. The organization connects seniors with extra space with students looking for accommodations and supports their living together and supporting one another.

Pascal Huynh, Village Urbain

A social entrepreneur for resilient and participatory housing, Pascal Huynh co-founded Le Village Urbain, a nonprofit that develops cohabitation projects in the Montréal area. The first project will soon be launch in Lachine.

Marie-Josée Vaillancourt, Entremise

Marie-Josée Vaillancourt is Deputy general director at Entremise, a circular economy company founded in 2016 that implements transitional occupation projects for heritage buildings. Entremise assists public actors, property owners and communities in the planning and strategic development of vacant or underused spaces in the city.

Jean Bédard, Ferme SageTerre

Writer, philosopher, and speaker Jean Bédard founded the SageTerre farm in Le Bic with his wife Marie-Hélène Langlais in 2004. They transformed the project into an agricultural social utility fund in 2019, enabling the trustees to administer the estate in perpetuity without putting it at risk or altering its communal mission.

Maria Kinoshita, Nomad Coliving

Maria Kinoshita is a tech entrepreneur who defines herself as a global citizen with roots in Africa, Japan, France and Canada. Her two interests came together in 2018 when she launched Nomad Coliving, a residence for digital nomads and entrepreneurs in Montréal.

Joseph Bergon, Vivacité

Joseph Bergeron is responsible for the development and the operations at Vivacité, a residential social developer. The organisation allows households to access property by investing their down payment as long as the capital gain obtained when the property is resold is partially reinvested in a common fund intended to develop new affordable properties in perpetuity.

Catherine Lussier, FRAPRU

Catherine Lussier is a human rights activist and has been working in the community housing rights movement for almost ten years. She is a community organizer at FRAPRU (Popular Action Front in Urban Redevelopment), a national group focusing on the right to housing, the fight against poverty, and the promotion of social rights. The group has 140 members.


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