Find and Tell: Fala Atelier on Umberto Riva

Find and Tell, August 2023
Find and Tell : Atelier Fala on Umberto Riva

As part of the CCA’s Find and Tell program, Fala Atelier offers a reading of the archive of Umberto Riva.

Filipe Magalhães and Ana Luisa Soares (Fala Atelier) were in residence at the CCA in August 2023 as part of the Find and Tell program to select and interpret material from the Umberto Riva fonds, donated to the CCA in 2016.

The Find and Tell program is conceived as a series of residencies in which invited experts are asked to put forward arguments about our holdings by making a significant selection and interpretation of material within an archive or the photography collection. The curated selection can be based on key areas or periods, key projects, or a topical interest the expert thinks should be revealed.

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Projects digitized during residency

434 drawings digitized

AP180.S1.1960.PR02, Unidentified house, Italy (circa 1960s-2000s)
AP180.S1.1969.PR01, Casa Rizzetto [Rizzeto House], Caorle, Italy (1969)
AP180.S1.1969.PR02, Casa a torre, Italy (1969)
AP180.S1.1970.PR01, Appartamento Grossetti [Grossetti Apartment], Milan, Italy (1970-1974)
AP180.S1.1971.PR01, Case Di Palma [Di Palma houses], Stintino, Italy (1971)
AP180.S1.1971.PR02, Case Zazzu [Zazzu houses], Stintino, Italy (1971)
AP180.S1.1972.PR01, Casa Tabanelli [Tabanelli house], Stintino, Italy (1972-1973)
AP180.S1.1975.PR03, Casa per vacanze Ferrario [Ferrario vacation house], Osmate, Italy (1975)
AP180.S1.1977.PR01, Casa Angelini [Angelini house], Lerici, Italy (1977)
AP180.S1.1980.PR02, Casa Spataro [Spataro house], Milan, Italy (1980-1981)
AP180.S1.1980.PR04, Studio Insinga, Italy (1980s)
AP180.S1.1982.PR01, Edificio per abitazioni in via Conchetta [Dwelling house on via Conchetta], Milan, Italy (1982)
AP180.S1.1982.PR02, Casa Riva [Riva house], Ghiffa, Italy (1982)
AP180.S1.1982.PR03, Via Vigevano condominio e studio [Via Vigevano Condominium and Studio], Milan, Italy (1992-2003)
AP180.S1.1982.PR04, Casa Palmiotta [Palmiotta house], Italy (1982-1983)
AP180.S1.1983.PR01, Casa Frea [Frea house], Milan, Italy (1983)
AP180.S1.1985.PR01, Studio Frea [Frea studio], Milan, Italy (1985)
AP180.S1.1985.PR02, Casa De Paolini [De Paolini house], Milan, Italy (1985)
AP180.S1.1986.PR01, Casa sul Lungomare [House on Lungamore], Otranto, Italy (1986-1987)
AP180.S1.1987.PR02, Casa Dragone e Paggi [Dragone and Paggi house], Milan, Italy (1987)
AP180.S1.1987.PR03, Casa Longhini [Longhini house], Milan, Italy (1987)
AP180.S1.1987.PR05, Casa Insinga [Insinga house], Milan, Italy (1987)
AP180.S1.1990.PR01, Casa per Vittorio Matino [House for Vittorio Matino], Otranto, Italy (1990)
AP180.S1.1991.PR02, Casa Miggiano [Miggiano house], Otranto, Italy (1991)


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