Collection access and use FAQ

How do I find what is in the Collection?

For a detailed overview of the Collection, please read the description found on our About page.

Use this website’s search tool to find collection materials. In addition to these materials, you will find documentation on our exhibitions, research activities, publications, and public programs, relevant content from the website’s editorial section, and books and magazines on sale at the CCA Bookstore.

Please note that this website and its search engine are still in development and this might cause unexpected results in your search. If you are having difficulties, please contact Collection Reference at or + 1 514 939 7011.

Can I consult the Collection in person?

Everyone is welcome to consult the Collection in our study room in Montreal. To do so, please request an appointment and provide a list of the documents you wish to consult. Please wait until we have confirmed your appointment to make special travel arrangements.

How do I make an appointment?

Please contact Collection Reference at or + 1 514 939 7011. In order to accommodate your needs, make sure to make your appointment in advance:
- at least 2 weeks in advance for primary sources (prints and drawings, photographs, archival documents, etc.);
- at least 48 hours in advance for secondary sources (books, periodicals, vertical files, etc.).

When is the study room open?

The study room is open by appointment only from Monday to Friday between 10am and 4:30pm. When you contact Collection Reference to make your appointment, please let us know your preferred date and time.
From mid-June to the end of August, the CCA hosts a number of scholars in residence programs. These researchers are given priority in reserving archival consultation spaces. In most cases, we will be unable to accommodate external requests to access archival materials during this period.
The Study Room is occasionally closed for special events and statutory holidays.

How do I request the materials I want to see?

You should email Collection Reference. You should allow at least one week for a reply to your request.
Your request should include:
- Personal contact information: telephone number, email, mailing address, and affiliation;
- A list of the materials, compiled using our website’s search tool.

How many items can I request?

The number of items you may be able to consult during your appointment will depend on the type of material you are consulting, and might also be affected by space considerations and availability.
- If you wish to consult primary sources (prints and drawings, photographs, archival documents, etc.), select the projects you are interested in and contact Collection Reference.
- For secondary sources (books, periodicals, vertical files, etc.), we recommend requesting a maximum of 15 items per appointment. You are welcome to make subsequent appointments to continue your research.

Can I use my laptop computer?

Yes, our facilities accommodate the use of laptop computers and we offer free WiFi.

Can I photocopy, scan, or photograph materials?

The study room has an overhead scanner. Depending on condition, researchers may be able to scan selections from library material in accordance with copyright regulations. Please consult staff at the reference desk if you wish to use the scanner. Researchers may take photographs intended for study purposes only and as allowed by the nature and condition of the material in question. Neither tripods nor special lighting are permitted. Researchers who use the scanner or take their own photographs must accept the conditions stated on the registration form.

If you require reproductions for purposes other than study, you may order digital images. Details on conditions and cost are given below.

How do I request images and/or obtain permission to publish?

If you wish to request images and/or permission to publish, please send us an email to Please note that all images sent are in high resolution.

I - Fees

Below are the fees applied for each type of request:

 • Digital images for printed books
  - for books with print-runs under 2000 copies : $50 CA per image
  - for books with print-runs over 2000 copies : $100 CA par image

 • Reuse of digital images previously provided by CCA : $25 CA per image

 • Digital images for exhibitions : $100 CA par image

 • Digital images for periodicals / journals / magazines : fees are waived for the first 5 images, then fees for printed books apply

 • Digital images for web use (websites, blogs or newsletters) : fees are waived for the first 5 images, then the fee is $50 CA per image

 • Digital images for CCA Alumni network : $25 CA per image

 • Digital images for research / educational use / presentations : free when using images from CCA website. If you want high resolution images, then the fee is $25 CA per image

Please note that there is no rush request option. You will receive a discount of 15% when you request more than 20 images.

II - Delays

It can take up to 1 week before you receive an answer from the reproduction service, and up to 4 to 8 weeks to receive your images. Very large requests can require more time; delays will be evaluated after reviewing the request. Please take those delays into account when sending your reproduction request.

III - Process

To facilitate your request, provide as much information as possible, including:
- The date by which reproductions are needed;
- The use;
- Description of the collection item(s). It should include title, artist/creator and reference number. Give a precise reference number if you can. You can find most of the reference numbers on the CCA website.

In order to proceed with a request, please confirm the following information:
 • Name of Publication
 • Author/Contributor
 • Publisher(s) – including address
 • Editor(s)
 • Print run
 • Expected Date of Publication
 • Language(s)
 • Address for invoice

This is the information needed for a printed book. If your request is for another use, please provide appropriate information.

IV - Copyright & credit line

CCA does not necessarily hold the copyright to the imaged material. Unless otherwise indicated, copyright belongs to the creators: the architect, photographer, draughtsman, writer, etc. or their representatives, heirs, and estates. (We regularly update the copyright notices). The duration of copyright and the exceptions of use for Fair Dealing or Fair Use vary from one country to another. We invite you to refer to the Copyright Law of your country.

It is the responsibility of the requestor to obtain copyright clearance for all material for which the CCA does not hold the copyright. Proof of permission may be required prior to the release of images of copyrighted material. Copyright holders may charge additional fees. When available, the CCA will give the contact of the copyright holder.

A credit line mentioning the Canadian Centre for Architecture and the copyright holder is mandatory with the use of every image provided.

V - Free copy for CCA

For any print publications, including journals or magazines, we also ask for requestors to supply one (1) free copy of the publication to the CCA.

How do I submit a loan request?

If you are a museum or a gallery planning a temporary exhibition and want to display objects from our Collection, please send your loan queries to
Official loan requests should be addressed to the Director and sent by mail on institutional letterhead. The request should include a complete description of the exhibition, precise information on each object to be borrowed as well as a Standard Facilities Report for each confirmed venue. Please note that approval of a loan request is granted at the discretion of the loan review committee and only to facilities that meet the CCA’s standards.
Sufficient lead time is required in order to allow for a full review of the details involved:
- For less than five (5) objects, please send the written request together with all required documents six (6) months before the exhibition;
- For six (6) to ten (10) objects, eight (8) months before the exhibition;
- For more than eleven (11) objects, twelve (12) months before exhibition.
If the material requested is uncatalogued, it is the responsibility of the borrower to organize a consultation with the CCA Reference team onsite at the CCA to select the objects for loan. Please send your consultation queries to

The CCA standard loan fee is 385 CAD per object (300 CAD for Canadian museums). In addition to this fee, the borrowing institution agrees to pay for packing, crating and transport as well as conservation and courier travel expenses if required.

For loans of more than 11 objects, additional fees may be charged for the hiring of external labour to process the request.

The CCA requires all associated paperwork (final object list and signed loan agreement) to be concluded eight (8) weeks prior to shipping of the loan.

Can I donate an object to the CCA collection?

To make a donation offer, please follow the instructions outlined on the CCA acquisitions procedure page. Our international acquisition committee meets three times each year to decide which proposed donations will be accepted.

What do I do if I have other questions?

Please contact us.

Collection Reference
+1 514 939 7011

Rights and Reproductions
+1 514 939 7001 ext. 1329

Loans / Registrar’s office
+1 514 939 7001 ext. 1323

This page was last updated 16 September 2022


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  • — At least 48 hours for secondary sources (books, periodicals, vertical files, etc.)