Group of views of architecture from Aldo Rossi's trips to Italy, France, Corsica, Greece, United States and unspecified countries
  • Aldo Rossi (photographer)

Group of views of architecture from Aldo Rossi's trips to Italy, France, Corsica, Greece, United States and unspecified countries




Group of 109 Polaroid photographs made by Aldo Rossi with some presented in the exhibition 'Luigi Ghirri - Aldo Rossi. Things Which Are Only Themselves' held at the CCA in 1996. The photographs represent several scenes from Rossi's travels in different countries: building façades, sacred images, billboards, houses from a Shaker village, baroque façades of churches (in Lecce, Italy), shops, street scenes, lakes, ports, showcases and furniture. Rossi's photography shows the interest he shares with photographer Luigi Ghirri in the belief in the autonomous eye of the photographer and in the potential of that eye to reveal something new to the architect. Ghirri sees in Rossi's Polaroids a "concealed passion, the 'secret' images of the architect, [...] puzzles that are solved with the heart". And according to his definition of photography, "a tangle of monuments, lights, thoughts, objects, moments and metaphors forming the landscape we are searching for in our minds... as would the points of an imaginary compass, which indicates a possible direction".

Quantity / Object type:
82 photograph(s)
Technique and media:

Colour polaroid photographs


comps.: 7,9 x 7,9 cm comps.: 7,3 x 9,1 cm sheet (smallest): 9,3 x 8,8 cm sheets (largest): 10,3 x 10,1 cm

Reference number:


Point of View:
  • aerial views
  • exterior views
  • interior views

inscribed, numbered and dated


United States

  • architecture
  • engineering
  • sculpture
Subject Descriptive Terms:
  • ruins
  • tower (single built work)
  • trees
  • people
  • doors
  • houses
  • windows
  • chairs
  • bench
  • balconies
  • street lighting units
  • railings
  • vase
  • bases (object components)
  • parking lot
  • brick walls
  • roofs
  • shutters
  • terraces
  • wood (plant material)
  • canal
  • bridge (built work)
  • buildings
  • façades
  • shafts (column components)
  • arcades
  • graffiti
  • utility poles
  • bicycles
  • fences
  • streets
  • harbour
  • stone wall
  • columns (architectural elements)
  • automobiles
  • churches
  • mountains
  • cornices
  • arches
  • bell tower
  • monuments
  • entablatures
  • pediments
  • lake
  • pipes (conduits)
  • curtains
  • wall clock
  • high-rise buildings
  • plants (vegetation)
  • barn
  • fire escape
  • bed (furniture)
  • table
  • carpet
  • pedestals
  • restaurants
  • boats
  • cities
  • lighthouses
  • tables
  • nave
  • painting (visual work)
  • shops
  • straw (plant material)
  • crucifix
  • dormers
  • entrance doors
  • candles
  • bottles
  • cranes
  • chain link fence
  • basilica
  • friezes (entablature components)
  • globe (cartographic sphere)
  • yard
  • bushes
  • cardboard
  • sand
  • billboards
  • apartment
  • posters
  • bakery
  • stone buildings
  • capital (column component)
  • arena
  • cobble street
  • sidewalks
  • weathervane
  • masts
  • planters (containers)
  • sandals
  • monk
  • books
  • belt (costume accessory)
  • raincoat
  • chimneys
  • window bars (building materials)
  • cushion
  • hotel
  • blinds (coverings)
  • words
  • niches
  • vines
  • water
  • grass (plant)
  • trucks
  • concrete
  • refrigerator
  • architrave cornice
  • boxes
  • frame
  • letters (signs)
  • model
  • crossing
  • Corinthian (architectural style) pilasters
  • ogee arch
  • flowers (plants)
  • domed building
  • butcher shop
  • wall paper
Credit line:
Collection Centre Canadien d'Architecture/
Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montréal

© Eredi Aldo Rossi / Fondazione Aldo Rossi


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