Album of photographs and magazine clippings of projects by Solomon Lisagor, some designed in collaboration with other architects, Soviet Union (now in Russia and Ukraine)
  • Solomon Abramovich Lisagor (architect)
  • Unknown (photographer)
  • Solomon Abramovich Lisagor (compiler)
  • V. Leonidov (role unspecified)
  • Viktor Aleksandrovich Vesnin (role unspecified)
  • S. Vakhtangov (role unspecified)
  • Georgii Gustavovich Vegman (role unspecified)
  • P. Kukhtenkov (role unspecified)
  • Ivan I. Leonidov (role unspecified)
  • Viatcheslav Vladimirov (role unspecified)
  • Evgenii Popov (role unspecified)
  • B. Neronskii (architect)
  • Vlad Turov (role unspecified)
  • T.B. Rapoport (role unspecified)
  • Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Vesnin (role unspecified)
  • S. Slavina (role unspecified)
  • Moisei IAkovlevich Ginzburg (role unspecified)
  • N. Vishnevskii (role unspecified)
  • Ia. Chaplinskii (role unspecified)
  • S.V. Orlovsky (role unspecified)
  • Aleksandr Leonidovich Pasternak (role unspecified)
  • Gustav Gassenpflug (role unspecified)
  • Ignatii Frantsevich Milinis (role unspecified)
  • M. Barshch (role unspecified)

Album of photographs and magazine clippings of projects by Solomon Lisagor, some designed in collaboration with other architects, Soviet Union (now in Russia and Ukraine)


between 1923 and 1943


- All of the projects in album PH1998:0013:001-048 were designed by Solomon Lisagor, some in collaboration with other architects, from 1923 through 1938 for various locations in Soviet Union. The photographs and magazine clippings show drawings and models for and views of twenty projects including: the Palace of Soviets, Moscow (10 pages); the Ordzhonikidze Sanatorium for the Ministry of the Oil Industry in Kislovodsk, Soviet Union (now Russia) (8 pages); the "Worker" RZhSKT [the "Worker" Worker's Housing Construction Cooperative Trust] in Saratov, Soviet Union (now Russia) (5 pages); the Limeny resort, Crimea, Soviet Union (now Ukraine) (4 pages); the Rostov Institute of Engineers of Transport [?], Rostov-on-Don, Soviet Union (now Russia) (3 pages); the House-commune of transitional type, Rostokino, Moscow (3 pages); a Building of People's Commissariat for Heavy Industry (Narkomtyazhprom), Moscow (3 pages); a Type F unit apartment, 8 Gogolevskii Boulevard, Moscow (2 pages); a development scheme for the southern coast of Crimea, Soviet Union (now Ukraine) (2 pages). Several other projects are represented on single album pages: a workers settlement in Kashira, a circus, and a Red Army Dormitory; a Sovtorgflot building, Arkhangel'sk, Soviet Union (now Russia); a typical experimental single-family house; prefabricated housing; a single-family house, a public rest room and two bus stops; a development scheme for the Ufa region, Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Soviet Union (now Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russia); and housing constructed from larger stone blocks [krupnye kamennye bloki]. One of the album pages is unused.

Quantity / Object type:
1 album(s)
Technique and media:

Gelatin silver prints relief halftones


album (closed): 33,6 x 49,8 x 3,4 cm pages: 35,8 x 46,5 cm comps. (range; some irreg.): 2,4 to 21,4 x 4,6 to 43,5 cm sheets (range; clippings): 5,7 to 30,6 x 13,9 to 22,5 cm

Reference number:


Point of View:
  • exterior views
  • interior views
  • plan views
Physical characteristics and technical requirements:

- Twenty six beige cardboard sheets joined together by the means of a grey cord pulled through two holes u.l. and l.l. and tied c.l. of the sheets. One edge of the sheets is reinforced with light brown cloth binding. Two last sheets are unused.


numbered and inscribed - by unknown hands, in graphite, on the cover, u.l.: "153" [circled]; and in pen and black ink, c.r.: "SOLOMON ABRAMOVICH / LISAGOR / ARKHITEKTOR." [SOLOMON ABRAMOVICH / LISAGOR / ARCHITECT.] inscribed - on a sheet inserted into album, by an unknown hand, in pen and black ink, from top to bottom: "/ / / Album of Lisagor [underlined] / Solomon Abramovich Lisagor (1900 - / 1937) - is one of the famous Constructi- / vists. Was arrested in 1937 and / shot. The album, made by / him, was preserved by his friend / (architect N. Travin) and was fo- / und in his documents after / death of Travin. / Lisagor studied in MIGI and later / in MVTU (in 1924 MIGI and MVTU / were united). In the album there are works / of Lisagor, starting from student / projects of 1923 and up to 1936-1937 / / pg. 1 [underlined] Course projects in MIGI / fig. 1-2. Circus. 1924. / 3-8 Workers' settlement Kashira. 1924. / 9-10. Barracks. 1923. / pg. 2-5. [underlined] Diploma project in MVTU. / Planning for the resort Limeny in Crimea. / 1928. / pg. 6 [underlined] S. Lisagor and Ia. Chaplinskii. Project for buil- / ding of "Sovtorgflot" in Arkhangel'sk. 1930. / pg. 7. [underlined] Experimental construction of one-apart- / ment typical houses, developed in the Institute / of construction. 1927. / "; and on the verso, from t. to b.: "./ [numerous blank spaces in text] 2 [circled] / pg. 8-11 [underlined] and fig. 1 on pg. 12. / S. Lisagor and E. Popov. House-commune of transitional / type in Saratov. 1930-1931. / / pg. 12 [underlined] / fig. 2 - Project for a tomb. 1927. / fig. 3. - Project for housing 1930. / pg. 13-15. [underlined] Rostov institute of engi- / neers of transport (authors - S. Lisagor, B. Ne- / ronskii, P. Kukhtenkov, and oth.). 1930. / pg. 16. [underlined] Projects for prefabricated houses 1931. / pg. 17. [underlined] Projects for one-family house, / public rest room and bus stop / pg. 19-21. [underlined] M. Ginzburg and S. Lisagor. / House-commune of transitional type in Rostokino / in Moscow. 1928-30 / pg. 22-23. [underlined] S. Lisagor. Equipment for the living unit / type F in the building of transitional type on / Gogolevskii boulevard in Moscow. 1931. / pg. 24 [crossed out] 25-34. [underlined] M. Ginzburg, G. Gassenflug and S. Li- / sagor. Competition project for Palace of Soviets in / Moscow. 1932. / pg. 35-36. [underlined] Project for district planning / of Southern coast of Crimea. 1932- 1934. / pg. 37. [underlined] Project for housing from larger blocks. / pg. 38-40. [underlined] M. Ginzburg and S. Lisagor. Competition / project for Narkomtiazhprom in Moscow. 1934. / pg. 41-45. San [crossed out] M. Ginzburg (superv[isor]. of the collective) / Sanatorium in Kislovodsk. 1935-1937. / pg. 46-48. [underlined] Project for housing. / / / Note: [underlined] / Pages 10 and 11 in typescript of a paper on German Democratic Republic (DDR) furniture analysis by an unknown author on verso. /"


Arkhangelsk; Russia (Federation);

  • architecture
Subject Descriptive Terms:
  • government office buildings
  • houses
  • apartment houses
  • corridors
  • tomb
  • models (representations)
  • assembly halls
  • auditoriums
  • concert halls
  • dining halls
  • clubhouses
  • industrial housing
  • cafeterias
  • dormitories (buildings)
  • theatres
  • universities
  • sanatoriums
  • industrial district
  • built-in furniture
  • department store
  • recreation centres
  • bus stops
  • health facilities
  • health resorts
  • rest homes
  • sanitary sewer
  • seaside resorts
  • classrooms
  • workshops (work spaces)
  • performing arts centre
Credit line:
Collection Centre Canadien d'Architecture/
Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montréal

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