V.S. Balikhin Archive
  • Unknown (photographer)
  • Viktor Stepanovich Balikhin (author)
  • Viktor Stepanovich Balikhin (compiler)
  • S. Dombrovskii (role unspecified)
  • P.N. Blokhin (role unspecified)
  • M. Motylev (role unspecified)
  • S. Shestakov (role unspecified)
  • A. Zil'bert (role unspecified)
  • G. Barkhin et al. (role unspecified)
  • Ernst May (architect)
  • N. Morozov (role unspecified)
  • Boris A. Gordeev (role unspecified)
  • Evgenii Popov (role unspecified)
  • A. Gulia (role unspecified)
  • M.Ia. Kharlamov (role unspecified)
  • I. Antonov (role unspecified)
  • A. Natal'chenko (role unspecified)
  • A. S. Fisenko (role unspecified)
  • N. Molokov (role unspecified)
  • A. Tumbasov (role unspecified)
  • V. Zlatolinskii (role unspecified)
  • Sergi P. Turgenev (role unspecified)
  • T.IA. Bardt (role unspecified)
  • D.P. Osipov (role unspecified)
  • N. Travin (role unspecified)
  • I.S. Alekseev (role unspecified)
  • A.I. Meshkov (role unspecified)
  • V. Sokolov (role unspecified)
  • U. Zhdanovich (role unspecified)
  • I. Nikolaev (role unspecified)
  • Vladimir Grigor'evich Shukhov (role unspecified)
  • M.L. Malakhov (role unspecified)

V.S. Balikhin Archive


published before 15 September 1936


- This archive which was collected by the Soviet architect, V.S. Balikhin (1893-1953), includes 129 views of cities, towns, and/or projects designed by various architects from 1923 through 1935, one photograph of a perspective drawing (PH11998:0020:112) and one magazine article by Balikhin (PH1998:0020:131). The photographer(s) of this archive have not been determined. -- There are 63 views of subjects in Moscow (PH1998:0020:001-028; PH1998:0020:033-067), mostly of housing, and these include: 20 views of the Dubrovka complex; 16 views of the Usachevka complex; 6 views of the Shabolovka complex; 3 views of the Dangauerovka complex; 2 views of the Serpukhovskii complex; 2 views of the Sharikopodshipnik [Bearing] plant complex; 1 view of the AMO plant complex; 2 views of the house-commune of the students of the Textile Institute; 2 views of the housing complex at 45/51 Bol'shaia Pirogovskaia Street; and 1 view of a student dormitory complex on Donskoi Val. Other subjects in Moscow include 3 views of the street decorations for the celebration of the 17th anniversary of the October Revolution, 2 views of Sverdlova Square, and one view of the Foto Insnab building, a market, and a park. -- There are 4 views of the village of Kozhukhovo near Moscow (PH1998:0020:029-032) including views of houses, barracks, a summer stage, and tents. -- The 18 views of Sverdlovsk (now Ekaterinburg, Russia) (PH1998:0020:113-130) include 7 views of 1905 Goda Square showing the various buildings around the square; 3 views of the Second House of Soviets; 2 views of the monument to Iakov Sverdlov, one with the "Chekist City" housing complex in the background (now Hotel Iset'); 2 views of the water sports station Dinamo; and one view of the Verkhne-Isetskii metalworking plant, the District Trade Union Soviet garden, the Higher Communist Agricultural School in Narodnoi Mesti Square, and a collage of views of a city square in 1914 and 1933. -- The 17 views of Magnitogorsk (PH1998:0020:096-112) include the earth-made shack constructed by the first inhabitants of the area; a city view; 14 views of the First Block showing mostly housing; and one photograph of a perspective drawing for the Second Block. -- The 10 views of Novosibirsk (PH1998:0020:086-095) include housing, government office buildings, a multipurpose building, a Palace of Labor, and the Sibir' Hotel. -- There are 14 photographs of subjects in cities and towns in Kemerovskaia oblast', a subdivision of southern Russia in Asia, and these include: 6 views of Prokopyevsk (PH1998:0020:072-077) showing clubs or palaces of culture and housing; 4 views of Kemerovo (PH1998:0020:068-071) showing the Palace of Labor, housing, and general views of the city; 3 views of Leninsk-Kuznetskiy (PH1998:0020:078-080) showing a house, clubs, and a playground; 1 view of Kuznetsk (now Novokuznetsk) (PH1998:0020:081) showing housing; and 3 views of Stalinsk (now Novokuznetsk) (PH1998:0020:082-085) showing housing and an hotel.

Quantity / Object type:
131 photograph(s) photomechanical print
Stage and Purpose:
  • presentation drawing (proposal)
Technique and media:

Gelatin silver prints and one photomechanical print


comps. (range [some approx.]): 7,1 to 21,4 x 8,5 to 28,8 cm sheets (range): 9,2 to 21,9 x 13,9 to 28,9 cm secondary support (range [some irreg.]): 11,1 to 30,1 x 15,8 to 30,6 cm serial: 24,8 x 17,4 x 0,3 cm

Reference number:


Drawing Type:
  • line drawing
  • mechanical drawing (tool-aided drawing)
Method of Projection:
  • perspective drawing
Point of View:
  • partial views
  • close-up views
  • distant views
  • exterior views

Ekaterinburg; Russia (Federation);

  • architecture
  • portrait
  • sculpture
Subject Descriptive Terms:
  • government office buildings
  • schools
  • gardens
  • courtyards
  • fences
  • fountains
  • houses
  • figures (representations)
  • apartment houses
  • stores
  • benches
  • sculptures
  • balconies
  • statues
  • ironworks
  • libraries (buildings)
  • pavilions (garden structures)
  • squares (open spaces)
  • tents
  • drugstores
  • markets (buildings)
  • buildings
  • streets
  • mansions
  • assembly halls
  • kiosks
  • churches
  • architectural drawing
  • bell towers
  • towers (single built works)
  • monuments
  • multipurpose buildings
  • clubhouses
  • communal housing
  • industrial housing
  • administration buildings
  • cafeterias
  • art centres
  • kindergartens
  • hotels (public accomodations)
  • grocery stores
  • dormitories (buildings)
  • convents
  • piers (marine landings)
  • theatres
  • shacks
  • department stores
  • garages
  • slides (recreation equipment)
  • beds (site elements)
  • neighbourhood parks
  • barracks
  • neighbourhood playgrounds
  • streetcars
  • industrial towns
  • sports buildings
  • studios (work spaces)
  • subway stations
  • cinemas
  • factories (structures)
  • open-air theatres
Credit line:
Collection Centre Canadien d'Architecture/
Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montréal
Acquired with the support of Bronfman/De Gunsburg/Seagram Special Acquisition Fund

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