Al di qua del giorno / Before the Day

Al di qua del giorno / Before the Day

Proposal/Official document

al di qua del giorno/Before the day (2005) is a public action 16 hours long by Italian artist Vittorio Corsini. An apartment perimeter and its rooms (a kitchen, a livingroom, two bedrooms and a bathroom) were drawn on the Cathedral Square in Prato (Italy). The objects of each room were also installed in the perimeter, so that once entered the rooms, visitors could experience exactly a flat atmosphere.
The apartment was open to public from 7 pm to midnight and everyone could use and live the spaces as being at home. A real dinner was prepared in te kitchen and offered to everyone. Also the surrounding buildings were part of the work: their façades were used as screens for projecting the images of their inner flats. In this way what's happening outside was a projection of the inside and vice versa.
This work was about the urban space and the house private space, but it was also an attempt of experiencing the work of art by taking part in a public event.


A prject by Vittorio Corsini

Location: Prato (Italy) 2005

Other Tools: Living the public space