Step into Actions

Views of the exhibition at the CCA in 2008

© Recetas Urbanas

#4. Reclaim Vacant Lot with What City’s Got


Recetas Urbanas (Santiago Cirugeda); City of Se...

Location: Seville, Spain, 2004

© Yoshie Nishikawa

#8. Umbrellas Join Forces for Shelter


Kengo Kuma and Associates

Location: Milan, Italy, 2008

© Fallen Fruit

#9. Oranges Lead Nocturnal Walk


Fallen Fruit (David Burns, Matias Viegener, Aus...

Location: Los Angeles (Claremont, Larchmont, Sherman Oaks, a...

© Lorenzo Morales

#12. Executive Dines in Dumpster



Location: New York, USA; internationally

© Basurama

#16. Timing for the Next Trash Dash


Basurama (Yago Bouzada Biurrun, Benjamin Castro...

Location: Majorca, Spain, 2006; Madrid, Spain, 2007

© Los Angeles Urban Rangers

#17. Tide Map Restores Public Beach


Los Angeles Urban Rangers; Malibu Beach

Location: Guide, Owners Manual

From Institute of Applied Autonomy

#18. Computer Hides Pedestrians


Institute for Applied Autonomy; city residents<...

Location: New York City and Boston, USA; Amsterdam, the Neth...

© Notacornfield. Courtesy the Annenberg Foundation.

#26. Corn Restores Land-Use Diversity


Farmlab (Lauren Bon); city residents

Location: Los Angeles, USA, since 2005

High Line Series, 2000. Canadian Centre for Architecture Collection, Montréal. © Joel Sternfeld

#28. Photocopies Create Promenade


Friends of the High Line (Robert Hammond and Jo...

Location: New York City, USA, since 1999

© Sarah Ross

#38. Foamy Velour Suits Challenge Authority,


Sarah Ross

Location: Los Angeles, USA, 2005

Ibirapuera Park, São Paulo, Brasil, 2005. © Ciro Miguel

#33. Sliding Activates Roof’s Unplanned Playfulness



Location: São Paulo, Brazil, since 1954

© Michael Rakowitz

#52. Clever Tent Keeps Campers in City


Michael Rakowitz

Location: Vienna, Austria; Trento, Italy; internationally; s...

© Helen Nodding

#56. Beer Makes Gardens


Helen Nodding

Location: London, United Kingdom, 2007

Pedestrian procession with mobile zebra pedestrian crossing, Gerhard Lang, Helmut Aebischer, Ruth Jureczek, 1993 (Photo Angela Siever / Courtesy of University of Kassel, Germany)

#59. Zebra Protects Pedestrians


Gerhard Lang, Helmut Aebischer, Ruth Jureczek; ...

Location: Kassel, Germany, May 19, 1993

Topotek 1 Temporary Playground: Garden Show, Wolfsburg, 2004 © Hans Joosten

#1. Pink Puffs Roll Instant Playground


Topotek 1 (Martin Rein-Cano, Lorenz Dexler); ch...

Location: Wolfsburg, Germany, 2004

© muf architecture/art

#65. Fake Horses Plan Real Park


muf architecture/art (Liza Fior, Katherine Clar...

Location: Tilbury, United Kingdom, 2003-2004

© Droog Design. Photograph by Misha de Ridder.

#48. Ping-Pong Connects Neighbours


Droog Design; NEXT Architects

Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2001

Football Field 1. Maider López. Sharjah Art Museum, United Arab Emirates, 2007. © Maider López

#79. Paint Grows Soccer Field


Maider López; soccer fans

Location: Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, 2007

©Daniele Hosmer Zambelli

#83. Sheep and Lambs Eat City Parks


Department of Park Management, City of Turin; S...

Location: Meisino, Sangone, and Maddalena parks, Turin, Ital...

Hypothèses d’amarrages, Montréal, 2001- 2003 Photograph by Luc Lévesque © SYN-

#87. Table Attracts Neighbours


SYN- atelier d’exploration urbaine (Luc Lévesqu...

Location: Montréal, Canada; Paris, France; since 2001

© Emili Padrós

#97. Walk Charges Cellphone


Emili Padros; Joe Paradiso, Nathan S....

Location: Barcelona, Spain; Boston, USA; 1999