"And then we emerged to see the stars again"

"And then we emerged to see the stars again"

Urban vegetation

UN-USEFUL exercises require to transform a real existent building, site, space, etc. into something astonishing, with lightness and poetry, in order to make people full of wonder [wonder-full]. It is important to work within the ‘Everyday scape’ and not to search for abstract configuration.
No practical function has to be pursued! UN-USEFUL is just for the pleasure: it has to improve the quality perception of your everyday scape, moving you towards a different understanding of your context.

"And then we emerged to see the stars again" [Dante Alighieri, Divina Commedia] proposes to transform the subway exits into a Nature experience, jumping from the artificial scape of our under ground networks in a dense vegetation plot.


UN-USEFUL is part of the Interior Architecture course (prof. Postiglione) exercises developed during the Fall Semester 2008 at POLIMI: each entry has a student as author (here is Francoise Le Coadic).
For more info: www.lablog.org.uk

Location: Wherever (even we used Milan for our experiments) Fall 2008