Ay Caremelles!

Ay Caremelles!


In February 2nd, 2009, the architectural festival Eme3 Collapse commissioned Fake Industries Architectural Agonism the design of an installation meant to activate and re-appropriate Caramelles Square for the people of Barcelona historic neighborhood el Raval. Since a fence —owned and operated by Barcelona City Hall— restrains the public from the square, Fake Industries proposed get rid of this fence to recover the space for the citizenry; an option presently unviable for Barcelona city officials and the neighbors of Caremelles. Subsequently, Fake Industries decided to invest the trifling budget hiring citizens —10 Euros an hour—to activate the square, saving the people of Barcelona from the tedious spectacle of yet another temporary intervention in their streets. On Thursday March 19th 2009 , from five to seven in the afternoon, the community was invited to activate the square for an hour. During the event, documented in the film “Ay Caramelles!,” the participants were required to: (1) repeat in front of the camera the following sentence “I earned 10 € for activating this public space during an hour” and (2) wonder around the square during 60 minutes doing whatever they felt like doing. Ay Caremelles! Was projected in two screens located in the closed Caremelles Square on the 21st of March 2009.
Enjoy the show,
Yours Faithfully,
Fake Industries, Architectural Agonism
Cristina Goberna and Urtzi Grau


Ay Caremelles! is a Fake Industries, Architectural Agonism action scripted and directed by Cristina Goberna y Urtzi Grau. Camara and Photograpy: Juan Gonzalez. Sound: Diana Sagrista. Edition: Fake Industries. Colaborators: Elisa San José and Esther. Produced by :Eme3 Collapse! Graphic Design: Fake Industries. Participants: Cauchi Aite, Amadeo Amato, Francesca Amenguar, Fenoy Alaber, Ismael Alemán, Josean Arriola, Rafael Avila, , Daniel Benito, Rachel Belaustegui Rosy Bernau, Cecilia Betti, Maria Borrell, Arancha Bru, , Judit Calderon, Marta Calzada, Marlon Caregua, Gemma Caro, Alex Catalan, Oscar Castilla, Jefferson Castillo, Andrew Chapel, Nicolas Coll, Pau Coll, Jaime Coll, Laura Colomera, Julia Docampo, Hamza Duran, Teresa Dvorakova, Vicente Fernandez, Marcos Flanagan, Narcis Font, Albert Fuentes, Maia Fuentes, Cristina Fuentes, Eli Fuentes, Tomas Gael, Rossy García, Gregory Getman, PauloGiannattasio, Eva María Gil, Cristina Goberna, Juan Gonzalez, Maria del Mar Gonzalez, Maximo Guillermo, María Grau, Urtzi Grau, Issam Herrera, Juan Antonio Idígoras, Itziar Imaz, Verónica Jacome, Jorge Jover, Quim Lakhdar, Samir Larbi, Anta Libroeiro, Helena Lillo, Judit Leclerc, Antonio Lajioia, Gerónimo Llonpart, Sandra Magrane, Magenta Malibú, Sofía Massone, David Mardones, Noemi Martinez, Alba Martin, Santi Martin, Santiago Medina, Jorge Meneses, Michelle Minieri, Bibiana Miranda, Belén Montero, Ivan Muñoz, David Muñoz, Jorge Ortega, Yolanda Ortega, Victoire Pananides, Rafa Paloma, Cristian del Pino, Dario Philips, Valle Piñero, Sergei Popov, Eduardo Rabin, Ana Rodríguez, Andy Rojas, Elisa San José, Leandro Sanchez, Marta Sanchez, Diana Sagrista, Kassim Sedi, Julio Scout, Allan Smith, Ariel Torres, Maribel de la Torre, Valentin Torrente, Valter Valli, Licia Vaño, Luca Vicinguerra, Marta Velez, Francesc Vera, Paul Viladoms, Moseike Weering, Christian Zanoni and tour anonymous tennagerscuatro.Special thanks to: Click Crash, Emotique, Daniel Esquiroz, Francisco Dulanto, Nico, Helena Lillo, María Grau, Elian Peña and Christian Zanoni.

Location: Caremelles Square, El Raval, Barcelona, Spain March 19th, 2009

Other Tools: people (actors-activators), money (10 Euros per partitipant), filming technology