Proposal/Official document
Urban furniture

'Basurea'; a hybrid of the Spanish for rubbish (basura) and 'Ikea', is a new brand to mark Barcelona's street walking, junk-trawling phenomenon.

The daily dump of furniture onto the streets becomes a night out on the town for local residents who take rich pickings of other people's rubbish. Each barrio is assigned one day a week in which they can put out old furniture for collection. The official rule asks for residents to call the council to arrange collection of the furniture, nothing unusual about that. Yet in that typical Latin attitude to rules ('you-make-em, we-break-em'), that doesn't happen.

The amount of furniture thrown out is gargantuan, especially in the more up-and-coming barrios, where renovation is rife. In short, the street acts as a Catalan alternative to a skip, and a city-sized furniture warehouse at once.

And the furniture is ripe for picking, spawning a new 'shopping' pastime; Basurea

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Joana Sarmento, Fernanda Arandia, Katleen Arhen, Rosanna Vitiello

Location: Barcelona, Spain 2006