[bed] stop.

[bed] stop.

Urban furniture

In an effort to blur the lines of place vs. non-place and domestic vs. public, [bed] stop was installed at a University bus stop on a very cold, snowy winter day in Ann Arbor, MI. The CC Little bus stop is the most frequented stop at the University of Michigan due to its location and the amount of busses traveling northbound.

A "bed" was installed, made of a handmade seat cushion (bed foam and a customized sheet), sheet, blanket, and a couple pillows. Personal photos covered up bus route maps. Magazines, clothing, and a mirror added a home-y feel, while a bowl of candy drew people in to take a look around.

The overall reaction from passersby was mostly of confusion, but a few appreciated the "re-imagining of public space." The sought reaction may have been more interaction between the people waiting for the bus, or possibly just to get people thinking about what spaces could be reclaimed from the public.


Students and other people traveling northbound by bus.

Location: CC Little bus stop, Ann Arbor, MI 1.28.09