DeLaCalle FC: The Instant Pitch

DeLaCalle FC: The Instant Pitch

Vacant lot

A research project into the practice of street football in Barcelona, culminating in the takeover of an empty building plot to make way for a football pitch. The project encouraged the use of street football as a temporary tool to regenerate empty building plots, degrading whilst they awaited construction. This is a polemic problem in Barcelona’s dense central ‘barrios’, where property speculation has created conflict and is reducing play areas. The lot used at Plaza Folch y Torres was the subject of conflict between the City council and local residents who object to proposed buildings. Ironically, whilst the lot sat empty and fenced off to the public, it was used by Adidas to film their 2006 World Cup campaign. Using chalk to mark the pitch, makeshift goalposts and a ball, we transformed the empty plot into an instant pitch and waited to watch what happened; people came to play.


Colectivo DelaCalle

Location: Barcelona, Spain 2007

Other Tools: Chalk, Empty bottles, sand, plastic piping, tapes