Fake Horses Plan Real Park

#65. Fake Horses Plan Real Park

© muf architecture/art


muf architecture/art was commissioned in 2003 to design a community park for the Broadway Estate in Tilbury. Since the design brief did not mention that farmers brought ponies to graze on the site, the architects initiated a research project called A Horse’s Tail with local children to identify prior claims to the site. Costumes and bus shelter advertisements were used to engage with residents and refine the design proposal, furthering the practice philosophy of realizing “potential pleasures.”
muf architecture/art was founded in 1996 in London.


muf architecture/art (Liza Fior, Katherine Clark, Melanie Dodd); children of Tilbury; Countryside Agency Local Heritage Initiative

Location: Tilbury, United Kingdom, 2003-2004

Tools: Cardboard horse heads, horses, blankets, bus shelters


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