Ghana ThinkTank

Ghana ThinkTank

Proposal/Official document

The Ghana ThinkTank is solving the problems of the First World.
In the Ghana ThinkTank, we collected problems from cities and towns in the "First World," including Liverpool, Cardiff, Providence, and Westport, and send them to think tanks we formed in Ghana, Cuba, El Salvador, Mexico, Serbia and Iran.

These think tanks propose solutions, which we enact physically back in the First World Nation in need of help - whether those solutions strike us as brilliant or strange. So far, solutions acted on have included hiring immigrants to attend social functions in a wealthy Connecticut suburb, building D.I.Y. bollards to prevent parking on the sidewalk, teaching drug addicts to build African instruments out of found materials, so they can play them to earn money while "gouching... instead a robbing," elping people replace the PowerPoint presentations in their lives with social theater a la Paulo Freire, projecting slides of local traffic accidents caused by speeding, collecting funny, dirty stories from the elderly, hosting dandelion re-planting and cooking workshops, renaming a dog "love", dog-tags and all, and on and on.

The Ghana Think Tank is now involved in negotiations to set up a new think tank in Yemen, to solve the problems of New York City.


The Ghana ThinkTank project was created by Christopher Robbins, John Ewing, and Matey Odonkor. Carmen Montoya joined the project in 2009.

Location: Liverpool, Cardiff, Providence, Westport