High tech gadget

“People watching” is something that happens unavoidably in urban (and most other) settings, yet we’re all a little bit shy about getting caught. This action not only highlights the fact that this public watching of strangers is going on, but actually facilitates it. Instead of creating a barrier of “us” watching “them” this action calls for a realization that in sharing many things in common, especially space, we are all watching and relating to one another. We have set up several pairs of binoculars on bright red, highly visible stands, for the sole purpose of people watching. These binoculars were set up in the city in a number of different ways. For instance, looking at each other from long distances, looking into buildings, or looking straight at one of our group members who happened to be looking right back. These binoculars, in relation to each other and the people watching through them creating interactions and laughs throughout the day that otherwise would never have been realized.


Lisa Berglund, Katie Chang, Sophia Chang

Location: Ann Arbor, MI, USA Jan 2009

Other Tools: Binoculars, PVC pipe, spray paint