Insect Saves Tree

#24. Insect Saves Tree

Installation of the Insect House to prevent cutting of trees, Recetas Urbanas, 2001

Urban vegetation

A single-person tree-inhabitation structure designed for rapid installation, anti-police protection, and summer ventilation, the Insect House was built in one night at the invitation of a group protesting the planned removal of trees along Alameda Avenue in Seville. Temporary and reversible guerrilla construction projects offer a way for citizens to quickly and significantly participate in urban planning. Santiago Cirugeda is an architect based in Seville who has proposed semi-legal strategies for housing and urban renovation under the name Recetas Urbanas, or “urban prescriptions,” since 1996. He inhabits gaps between laws, exploiting overlap and oversight to practice autonomous architecture.


Recetas Urbanas (Santiago Cirugeda), four friends

Location: La Alameda, Seville, Spain, 2001

Tools: Metal structure