Insertion Module

Insertion Module

Vacant lot
Urban furniture

Insertion Module - Expanding the Negative

To look at the architecture as any other animal who wanders into the city

Insertion Module is a structure that is specifically designed for the parts of architecture that have been left as negative spaces. Just as a swallow might build a nest in the eves of a roof, here the Insertion Module finds its place. Where someone homeless slips behind or underneath into publics' forgotten, here lies the Insertion Module.

What is “Appropriate” for our lives now here in the city? Can we re-approach how we live within its walls and somehow gain connection to our environment and each other? Is the city out of touch with inhabitants? Is it on another trajectory?
Can we insert “possibility” into the negative spaces of buildings, to make new “Publics” all over the city? To explore new ways of existing and playing with our senses, nature and each other by stepping outside traditional forms of socializing in order to design a unique and fantastic structure that reveals a new form of public space.


Matthew Mazzotta and the Public

Location: Cambridge, MA USA December 2008