Legal Tresspassing

Legal Tresspassing


Transforming a narrow alley into an outdoor cinema, students Andrew Wolking, Rachel Isacoff, and Hannah Dewhirst created an exhibition meant to challenge and cross certain boundaries through a creative interplay of urban space. With a projector situated at one end, and the alley lined with votive candles, the narrow walkway is transformed. Legal trespassing was the result. Through this perceptible action, three boundaries were crossed that would have needed authorization in order to achieve this – a 100’ extension cord stealing electricity from a nearby university owned parking structure, the occupation of the property of the city, and a privately-owned sidewalk. We had no authorization. In performing this action, it lead to an encounter with a man who had jurisdiction of the sidewalk we were occupying. Because he agreed with the ideas behind our performative action, allowed us to remain. This creative interaction allowed a boundary to be crossed, one normally difficult to pass, allowing an exchange of thoughts between two people who perhaps would normally not be communicating about creative ideas.


Hannah Dewhirst, Rachel Isacoff, Andrew Wolking

Location: Ann Arbor, MI... or any alleyway of your choice!

Other Tools: Alley