Mapping the Incomplete Creates Housing

#2. Mapping the Incomplete Creates Housing


Construction site

Abandoned construction sites are found in all cities. The French architectural team Coloco, founded in 1999, scouts and maps “skeletal” structures. Coloco proposes to reintegrate these waste structures into the city as sites for tenant-planned buildings. Building skeletons are vertical infrastructure systems which can contain any sort of program; their flexibility remains regardless of use. Coloco encourages both temporary and permanent inhabitation of skeletons as a housing strategy.
Coloco is an architectural team of varying size with a core of two architects and a landscape architect. Their design work for reusable forms is inspired by building skeletons.


Coloco (Miguel Georgieff, Nicolas Bonnenfant, Pablo Georgieff); tenants

Location: Paris, France; internationally; since 1999

Tools: Abandoned building, construction knowledge