Market Sprouts Under Sunshade

#78. Market Sprouts Under Sunshade

© Hanns Joosten 2003


A temporary repurposing of a parking lot that restores it to the pedestrian urban fabric of Köpenick, Germany, by installing a farmer’s market. A red sunshade signals the binary uses of the project: when the shade is down, the red-paved lot of 1,024 square-metres is used for parking; on market days the shade is opened and farmers occupy the square. The marketplace is designed to be removed once a permanent plan for the renovation of Köpenick’s medieval centre is fixed. Topotek 1 is a Berlin landscape architecture firm founded in 1996 by Martin Rein-Cano and joined by Lorenz Dexler in 1999.


Topotek 1 (Martin Rein-Cano, Lorenz Dexler); Stadtkunstprojekte e.V.

Location: Köpenick, Germany, 2003

Tools: Sun umbrella