Megapicnic Takes Streets with City Produce

#82. Megapicnic Takes Streets with City Produce

Photograph by Jonathan Gales ©Bohn & Viljoen Architects 2008

Urban furniture

A market and massive “continuous” picnic held to show how urban food production and public space can be combined advantageously in central London. Produce grown inside the metropolitan London limits was judged and displayed, followed by a picnic that occupied two large parks and a connecting corridor. The Continuous Picnic project was a demonstration of a planning strategy called “Continuous Productive Urban Landscapes,” or CPULs, developed by the architects Katherine Bohn and Andre Viljoen. The proposal is for low-intensity urban farming integrated with the city to create continuous green channels that serve as productive gardens. Packs of native seeds were distributed at the Continuous Picnic along with recycled blankets that doubled as posters for the event.


Bohn & Viljoen Architects (Katherine Bohn & Andre Viljoen); picnickers

Location: Montague Place and Russell Square, London, United Kingdom, July 5 2008

Tools: Tables, picnic blankets